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  • How Can I Manage My Morning Sickness?
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How Can I Manage My Morning Sickness?

Q: I am having terrible morning sickness, but it appears throughout the day. I have heard that ginger is good for an upset stomach. Is that true? And are there any other tips for managing the pregnancy nausea?
Thanks, Lisa
A: Great question Lisa and yes, unfortunately “morning sickness” can strike throughout the day. Ginger is an ideal remedy for nausea as it is readily available and is safe during pregnancy. Just the smallest amount can help with your symptoms. Although ginger ale may help some, try to choose authentic ginger, such as fresh ginger in a tea or flat ginger beer (this is a non-alcoholic beer) for the best results. momme meals has two great ginger-based drinks, Ginger Tea, and Congestion Elixir that may bring you just the relief you are looking for.
In addition to ginger, you might also try peppermint tea, flavored popsicles, and carbohydrate foods (plain bread, crackers, rice, potatoes, etc). 
Here are a few other helpful hints to help keep your nausea at bay:

  • Get plenty of rest and try not to over do it. 
  • Eat small meals and snacks throughout the day to avoid getting too hungry. When our blood sugar drops it can amplify or bring about nausea. 
  • For women who experience morning sickness in the morning hours, keep crackers next to your bed and eat a few before getting up. 
  • Nausea can also be brought about by our sensitivity to smells during pregnancy. Avoid any smells that you cannot tolerate. Cold food is usually less aromatic than hot, so when possible opt for the colder foods. Both momme meals teas listed above can be chilled before drinking.
Medicinally, you may want to talk with your doctor about changing your prenatal vitamin, as some can be hard on the stomach. Taking a high dose of vitamin B6 (25-50mg) can also help to relieve symptoms of morning sickness, but please talk with your doctor before doing this one on your own. 
I hope these suggestions help bring you some relief! 
Wishing you a settled stomach!
  • Healing & Supporting WellnessRegistered Dietician Q&A

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