How It All Began

I'm Kristen, new first time mom, founder, cook and recipe creator at momme meals.

I started momme meals before I ever had kids of my own. Here is how it started...

(Me and my little girl New Year's Eve 2014!)


My friend had a baby.

Like every good friend, and every good Italian, I showed up with a cooler full of homemade food.

Each meal was frozen so they could be eaten when they were needed most. You know, somewhere around week two or three when, "you're a new mom let us help" turns into, "suck it up buttercup and welcome to parenthood." 

She loved it!

The following year, after much research, recipe testing and work with a registered dietician, I began selling momme meals at a Virginia farmer’s market.

Two years later, I left my job, launched Go Chews and started selling at my first retail location. (Love you Glen's Garden Market)

This summer I narrowed down my offerings to Go Chews and launched a new flavor...FIG GINGER SESAME!!

The rest is recent history.

Now with a baby of my own, I am learning first hand just how important it is to have snacks that help support my breastfeeding efforts, taste delicious, are dairy-free, are soy-free, and will help with my workout goals of getting back into pre-baby shape.

More than ever before, I am dedicated to bringing all pregnant chicks, new mommies, active bad-asses, and every man, woman or "hangry" child a trusted line of organic whole-food creations that they will love and that will love them in return.

Enjoy our Go Chews snacks (online and at select retail locations), visit our Go...Blog for easy to digest nutritional information and delicious seasonal recipes, and stay connected with us via email or though our vibrant community on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram.

No matter how you connect with us, I promise to bring you fabulous new creations that are bound to excite.

So stay tuned for more, share your thoughts anytime and always, always, always live deliciously!