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I was taking 5 different herbal supplements to help with low (milk) supply. Unfortunately, they were giving my baby the hardest time with gas & upset stomach. I was searching for alternative ways to boost supply & WOW! Mommemeals (sp) to the rescue! I have a supply greater than the supplements provided and my son has no more gas & upset stomach!!!!!!

Teshara J.


One word...delicious! Love these little buggers :)and my family did too!!
Kristen W.

Love these go-chews! So happy to have a healthy sweet, but not overly-so, snack for me and my kids.
Abby M.

I had problems with low milk supply when breastfeeding the first three of my four children. With my most recent baby, I started eating Go Chews in the early days of breastfeeding, and in no time my supply had increased significantly. We now have a stockpile of over 120 oz of "excess" breast milk in our freezer! Go Chews has been a game-changer for our whole family!
Rachel F.


Go Chews are amazing morsels that can be eaten quickly and are very tasty and healthy. They help this pregnant mama get through bouts of nausea and hunger. My littles also love them as a snack. They hold up well in the heat, which is important for our military family currently living in Texas. We take them to the pool, play dates, appointments that I know may take time and much more! Can't wait to eat them after my baby's birth to encourage lactation.
Jamie K.


Love Go Chews...they are the perfect snack and they satisfy my sweet tooth craving while packing a nutritous(sp) punch. My husband loves them, too, which is a problem because they disappear twice as fast! :)
Laura B.


I absolutely love Momme Meals Go Chews! I ordered them right when I had my third child to help increase my milk production and "boy" did it make a difference! I had to pump and then feed him because I produced too much! Lol My family enjoyed them as much as I did and a whole box was gone within a couple weeks. I love the sweetness of the dried fruit and nuttiness of the coconut. It's the perfect "on the go" snack to keep in the diaper bag or in your kids lunch. Thank you Kristen for making a healthy and delicious milk making snack not only for us lactating women but for the whole family to enjoy. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm excited to try the other flavors of Go Chews you are introducing. Kudos for a great product!
Christine F.

Go Chews are not only the best tasting lactation snack I've had, but I love the bite size pieces and resealable bag that make it super easy to grab a few when I'm on-the-go with my 6 month old :)
Kami W.

I love Go Chews! They taste great and are a wonderful easy quick snack...they're my go to snack!

Denise B.

It's my go-to baby shower gift for my friends. I'm really happy to support the company and the products!
Rissa O.

Go Chews were the perfect snack while pregnant and breastfeeding. Now, my 20 month old doesn't like to sit still for breakfast, so she eats a few Go Chews while playing for breakfast most days!
Tess D.

Go Chews are my mid-afternoon go-to. They're a delicious way to get that 3pm hit of energy I crave without over doing it. I feel great after I eat them, and love how easy they are to portion and pop -- just when I need them. Turkish Apricot is my favorite :-)
Danielle  V.

Go Chews are innocent looking little squares that become insanely addictive after one bite! A bag doesn't last long in our house (a day, maybe 2). It's also a winning snack for our toddler daughter. Kristen and the packaging are also amazingly awesome!
Jenn MS

I LOVE Go Chews! They support my lactation with my infant, taste delicious, and my two year old cannot get enough of them!!! :)
Sarah B.

Go Chews are a snack I can feel good about--they are tasty, filling, and healthy. Perfect for a between pumping sessions snack at work...They are definitely a welcome treat that I go out of my way to buy.
Julie W.

I LOVE Go Chews! I found out about 9 months ago that I have a gluten intolerance and snacks that I needed to grab when on the go were an issue! Go Chews quickly became my snack of choice! I have a bag in the car and one in my purse always! One "bite" will hold me over until a meal or if I'm starved several do the trick. Tasty, good for me and easy--can't beat that!
Carrie K.


After having my first son I was stressed out about a lot of things, but especially milk supply. I was also ravenously hungry around the clock! I was surprised how delicious Go Chews are after they were given to me as a gift. I scowled at anyone that tried to sneak one. Perfect for a quick pick me up in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning. The apricot makes them slightly sweet, but not so much that you wouldn't want to eat one anytime....they definitely gave me a much needed boost of nutrients.
Sara C


We've seen the recipes and read the blogs. Yummy healthy snacks made of figs and apricots that are great for on the go. I even bookmarked a great recipe...I am the type who snacks a LOT, and don't always have a fresh piece of fruit handy. These are great to stash in a purse, diaper bag, car, etc and let the whole family enjoy!
Jen S.


Our whole family loves Go Chews!...Thanks so much for a great product!
Margie B.

We absolutely love Go Chews! My husband and toddler both enjoy them as much as I do. They make an awesome gift for new moms, and I am always asked where they can get more.
Joanna E.

I really like the Go Chews -- I teach yoga at Lil Omm and buy them there and like to keep them in my car for after class and to keep my energy going all day. I can't contribute to the milk production question unfortunately, since I discovered them after I had already finished breastfeeding.
Jen D.

Found Go Chews at my local MOMs Organic Market. Absolutely delicious!! Perfect nutritious snack for any nursing mother.
Kathryn S.


I absolutely love the Go Chews, they are very addicting! My 6 month-old son went on a nursing strike for 2-3 days due to sickness and teething, and my supply dropped. As soon as I received the Go chews I started to take them and feel full again! And my little guy is back to nursing- a big relief for me because I was dreading giving up so soon. I haven't notice a drastic change in my supply when it comes to pumping milk just yet, but I also don't have a regular pumping schedule. So excited I found the recommendation at the right time from a fellow FB group Mom!!!! #Gochewsrock
Sheena B.


I LOVE Momme Meals Go Chews!!!! My two boys (4 1/2 and 16 months) also love eating these go chews!! Delicious and great for a morning or afternoon snack!
Kate M.


Love them--just the right size and calorie count and love the "real" ingredients. Just sweet enough.
Aviva G.

They were perfect and a great to go to snack!
Kelly S.


Your Go Chews are the only snack I can eat that leave me feeling like I satisfied my sugar craving - without overdoing it! Not only that but I can tell they are wicked helping my milk supply and helping me lose that last bit of baby weight. Customer for life!
Elizabeth B.

They are delicious. Filling, tiny bit of crunch, sweet but not sickeningly so. Satisfies the sweet tooth but doesn't make you feel like crap if you eat the whole bag!
Maria M.

I ordered 4 bags of Go Chews a couple months ago. I am an EBF mother of a 4-month-old baby. I LOVED them! I appreciate that they are sweetened with molasses and I really enjoy the molasses flavor. They were great for a little burst of energy when I needed it when taking care of a newborn.
Adrian H.