Mother's Day Giveaway 2015!

We're c
elebrating moms the best way we know how...with incredible food!!!

Momme Meals has paired up with some of DC’s fabulous food artisans from Union Kitchen to bring you a Mother’s Day Foodie Gift Basket Giveaway that will WOW the tastes buds of any new, expectant or simply awesome mama!!

We hand picked products that , like us, are perfect when pregnant and nursing but also incredibly great ALL THE TIME. We're talking elixirs, savory snacks and even handcrafted kraut. Take a quick read to see all the delightful treasures our basket holds .



CHIQS: It’s health food nirvana for the savory mommy snacker; a chick pea wafer that is as delicious as it is portable. Snack on them for energy, to help boost your milk supply (chick peas are great for breastfeeding), or just eat them because you love them. Our giveaway comes with three bags of CHIQS in Classic, French Herb and Barbeque flavors. (Value $12)


Element [Shrub]: Blueberry Rosemary? Lemon Mint? Is your mouth watering yet?  Element Shrub offers the perfect base for addictive mocktails that is truly excellent for your health and will have any new or expectant moms jumping for joy!  Win two bottles of this incredibly refreshing elixir hand crafted from fresh fruit, herbs, spices and apple cider vinegar. (Value $40)


Momme Meals: Hide them if you must. Share them if you dare. Go Chews are the one handed, bite size, perfectly sweet treat that puts any snack, energy bar, or cookie to shame. Loaded with whole food organic ingredients, Go Chews are a foodies nutritional powerhouse excellent for any challenge a new, expectant or athletic mom might face – like a car full of hangry kids. YIKES! Win two bags of each divine Go Chews flavor, Fig Ginger Sesame and Turkish Apricot. (Value $27)


 Sweet Farm Kraut: You have no idea how delicious probiotics can be until you have this kraut. Excellent for all pregnant and nursing moms, this Kraut will have you saying move over hot dogs and hello fork! Great on everything from eggs to fresh green salads, this flavor explosion will have you swooning breakfast, lunch and dinner. Win two nutritionally packed jars of Sweet Farm Kraut in their Curry Kraut and Beet Kraut flavors. (Value $16)

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