What makes us unique?

We're not a lacation cookie. (that's a good thing)

Have you ever heard a nutritionist, dietician, physician, health coach or personal trainer say,..."just carry around a bag of cookies to snack on throughout the day." Absolutely not.

So why would you support your breastfeeding efforts, work out goals or mommy energy needs with a cookie? Go Chews bring together whole foods to create an excellent balance (as per the review of a registered dietician) of lean proteins, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates your body needs to run at an optimal level.

We're built for more!

Multitasking is a mom's number one skill set and she should expect her foods to do the same. After all, there is only some much time (calories) one can fit into a day. So why should a lactation snack only be good for breastfeeding? And why should you leave behind a "pregnancy" food that you really love once you have a baby?  I am talking about a snack that makes you feel incredible, that you feel great about putting in your kid's lunch boxes, sending with your husband on his next long workout, or sharing with your toddler as you attempt a coffee meet-up with a friend.

It's a post workout snack.
It's an energy treat.
It's a lunch-box morsel.
It's an in-between-meals life saver.
It's a one-handed breastfeeding support food.
It's a pregnancy craving nugget.
It's...a Go Chew!

We like to think of Go Chews as having the nutritional backbone of a mama bear protecting her cubs and the versatility of a roll of duct tape. Now that's one awesome superfood!

We're a foodie's snack!!

You should never have to "grow" to like the healthy food you're eating. In fact, recipes using the right whole food ingredients prepared by hand with just the perfect balance of flavor and spice, like GO Chews, should taste divine. We like to think of momme meals kitchen as a place where flavor and health are overachievers, neck-and-neck battling it out to our product finish line. We believe that cardboard is not a flavor anyone should ever have to taste and that healthy doesn't have to mean plain, boring, or (  fill in the blank).